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Date Players & Opening Result ECO
2022.04.18 rookman64 vs JCCAMANO
Rated Blitz game
Queen's Pawn Closed - Symmetrical
1/2-1/2 D04
2021.04.28 Sjohnz vs Dunno_SK
Rated Blitz game
King's Gambit Accepted (Abazzia) - Modern
0-1 C36
2018.12.08 Rezki_Alexey vs JonStr
Rated Blitz game
King's Knight
1/2-1/2 C44
2021.09.27 Chepeajedrez vs notMorgana1
Rated Blitz game
0-1 A45
2021.09.18 Plexiformspitz vs parpaliden
Rated Rapid game
Irregular King's Pawn - Owen
1-0 B00
2020.05.27 Zein vs orionvolf
Rated Rapid game
Sicilian Center Game - Smith-Morra
0-1 B21
2020.11.10 oktabadi vs shadi90
Rated Rapid game
Queen's Gambit Declined - Vienna
1-0 D30
2020.10.30 eosRadik vs faimar
Hourly SuperBlitz Arena
Irregular Queen's Pawn
0-1 A40
2018.10.04 ELO1860 vs vermontmx
Rated Classical game
Reti Zukertort - Mexican
1-0 A06
2021.07.20 fs-waterandice vs TE_GANARE_BOT
37th Colegas Tuesday marathon Team Battle
0-1 D10
2021.08.09 siege_dank vs KingoFish
Rated Blitz game
Pirc - Lizard
0-1 B06
2022.01.01 Isaacinator vs Gunter1234
Rated Rapid game
Caro-Kann - Advance
1-0 B12
2022.05.29 khubushka2007 vs Engelsskii_KMC
PRIZE blitz
Sicilian - Rossolimo
1-0 B30
2015.12.03 pablokosco vs aljehine
Hourly Classical Arena
Alekhine - Four Pawns
0-1 B03
2022.01.22 unknownbishop vs langelo
Rated Rapid game
King's Knight - Scotch Gambit
1-0 C44
2022.02.05 Donotflag vs Sofik_08
Rated Rapid game
Reti King's Indian - Yugoslav
1/2-1/2 A07
2021.11.08 Prof_Proton vs Keksemonster85
Rated Blitz game
1-0 B07
2017.01.04 VENDOTOMATES vs Juan_Mata
Rated Blitz game
Grob's attack
0-1 A00
2022.02.27 Teodorus vs sbobz
Rated Blitz game
French Advance
0-1 C02
2020.04.03 Atayagiz13 vs yusufatmaca19
0-1 C00
2020.11.13 CallausedTips vs Bryshorian
HJP 13 Nov 2020 Arena
Italian - Semi-Italian
0-1 C50
2020.07.25 deniroo vs keremna16
2nd Elite Classical Team Battle
English Sicilian (Two Knights) - Carls (Reversed Dragon)
1/2-1/2 A22
2016.07.22 Tupson vs sher92
Rated Rapid game
French Advance
1-0 C02
2021.08.19 Jafarmazareei vs elgato_caliente
Rated Rapid game
Spanish Berlin
0-1 C65
2022.02.02 KrisTina3006 vs Kalantaryan2020
Worldwide U12 Team Battle
Scotch - Scotch Potter
0-1 C45
2021.10.28 Jackypaper824 vs trainingesc
Rated Blitz game
Caro-Kann Knight (Nimzovich) - Knight
0-1 B16
2022.03.28 MaximusEternus vs DSubi01
Rated Rapid game
Spanish Steinitz
1-0 C62
2017.11.25 Goran_M vs Banana-kun
Rated Rapid game
Sicilian Paulsen
0-1 B41
2020.07.27 Andrea2598 vs Miso64
Rated Rapid game
Irregular Queen's Pawn - Owen
1-0 A40
2021.03.17 Gungaajav vs stoningrolls
Rated Rapid game
Irregular King's Pawn - Nimzovich (Scandinavian)
0-1 B00
2019.05.03 TheYuriy vs kerols5633
Rated Classical game
Sicilian Accelerated Dragon - Simagin
0-1 B34
2017.07.27 VIKT0R_UA vs Uriyaca
Rated Rapid game
Caro-Kann Exchange
0-1 B13
2018.04.26 Micheleparley vs Jj63
Rated Classical game
Bishop's Opening - Classical
0-1 C23
2021.08.09 sHoke21 vs Micho2215
Rated Blitz game
Four Knights Spanish
0-1 C48
2021.08.03 CAPAngLIGAO vs eksponat777
Rated Blitz game
0-1 A01
2020.04.30 Sardoix vs kapzxxcs
Rated Rapid game
Slav - Classical Exchange
0-1 D10
2019.02.24 WuxiBoy29 vs YR_Alexandr
Rated Rapid game
Queen's Gambit Declined - Old Semi-Slav
0-1 D31
2019.02.18 TacticallyAlert vs axela
Rated Rapid game
French - Franco-Benoni
1-0 C01
2017.11.09 HeavenlyTiger vs Fanatist
Hourly SuperBlitz Arena
Sicilian Center Game - Smith-Morra
0-1 B21
2020.03.28 Bauernschlau78 vs kerkecan
Daily Rapid Arena
Sicilian Alapin
0-1 B22
2019.01.06 grubyrychu vs ali_drms
Rated Rapid game
Four Knights - Leipzig (Plasma)
0-1 C47
2019.09.16 HappyKiwi vs Mogli1
Rated Rapid game
1-0 B01
2021.06.14 ali_1340 vs Habibisrafilli
Rated Rapid game
0-1 C41
2020.11.11 vilalba vs lukafra
Rated Rapid game
King's Gambit Declined - Nimzovich
0-1 C30
2020.10.14 Hemanya vs EdgarCano75
Rated Rapid game
1-0 E00
2017.12.19 chahat1986 vs Piko2409
Rated Rapid game
Queen's Pawn - Steinitz
1-0 C11
2021.07.27 mayankrexG vs necky0
Rated Blitz game
Irregular Queen's Pawn - Charlick
0-1 A40
2018.12.18 Bersecker vs Vert142
Rated Rapid game
Sicilian - Labourdonnais
1-0 B32
2022.01.29 MJMon vs Rejhan2000
Rated Rapid game
Queen's Gambit Accepted - Saduleto
0-1 D20
2022.03.21 Donviper vs Kirov1976
Rated Rapid game
King's Indian Schwarz - Accelerated Averbakh
1-0 E70
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