3ème festival d'échecs d'Allauch (A)

Chess tournament overview

Country: France
Tournament date: 2021-08-22 to 2021-08-28
Tournament place: Allauch (See on the map)
Tournament registration: (Search in Google)
Game time: 1 h 30 + 30 s
Valid for ELO: Elo FIDE

Organizer of the chess tournament and contact

Organizer: Pierre Boghossian
Main referee: denis regaud

Schedule: 3ème festival d'échecs d'Allauch (A)

Round Date Time
1 unknown
2 unknown
3 unknown
4 unknown
5 unknown
6 unknown
7 unknown
8 unknown
9 unknown

Players registered in 3ème festival d'échecs d'Allauch (A)

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